The SKVR working group brings together radiologists from workplaces with experience in cardiovascular CT/MR diagnostics in Slovakia, including examinations of children and adults with congenital heart defects. After the establishment of the working group of cardio-radiological imaging (KRZ) within the Slovak Cardiology Society (SKS) in 2018 and the successful organization of several expert blocks and lectures at SKS events over the past two years, we have observed an improvement in the quality of interdisciplinary communication and cooperation between radiologists and cardiologists in Slovakia. We decided to use our experience and offer a working group format with the aim of establishing a new professional section at SRS.

Professional focus of the section:

  • creation of local recommendations for indications for examinations, technical and personnel equipment of CT/MR workplaces of cardiovascular diagnostics
  • standardization of examination protocols and examination results (description, graphic documentation)
  • stimulating the establishment of specialized cardiovascular diagnostic centers and improving the availability of examinations for patients in the Slovak Republic
  • education in the given issue in the form of postgraduate events
  • ensuring a professional guarantee in the given cardio - radiological issue
  • stimulation of scientific research activity with the possibility of using and implementing grants
  • interaction with central state authorities and health insurance companies with the aim of achieving sustainable system prerequisites for the availability of new imaging methods.

Cooperation with partner organizations:

  • international cooperation with dominant follow-up to ESCR (European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology) and EACVI (European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging).


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