Our interest is to support education in the field of neuroradiology, which represents one of the most important subfields of radiology and touches on all modalities used within radiological workplaces (RTG, USG, CT, MR, interventional radiology, hybrid imaging), and is also represented in everyday practice practically all types and levels of radiological workplaces.

Professional focus of the section:

  • Monitoring and development of imaging progress in all indications within nervous system diseases (neuro-oncology, cerebrovascular diseases, CNS trauma, developmental anomalies, neurodegenerative and demyelinating diseases of the brain and spine)
  • Support of continuous education in the field of neuroradiology
  • Creation of uniform protocols and recommendations within CNS and spine imaging, as well as within radiology therapeutic options
  • Monitoring and implementation of technological progress within advanced imaging modalities (post-processing analysis of perfusion, spectroscopy, DTI, functional brain examination, volumetry, image fusion using artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • Support of scientific and publication activities in the field of neuroradiology
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with related professional societies

The aim of the section is to reach a wide group of doctors, to strengthen the expertise and credibility of radiologists in relation to other fields of medicine. A modern approach in medicine means close cooperation of non-invasive and interventional radiologists with clinicians and departments from neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, nuclear medicine, spondylosurgery, pediatrics, pathology and other departments.


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