The Breast Diagnostics Section of the SRS SLS (hereinafter SEBI) will continue the activities of the Section for Breast Diagnostics (SEMADI), which has been working under the banner of the SRS since 1996, where the proposal for the creation of the section was approved by the SRS Committee at its meeting in April 1996.

Professional focus of the section:

SEBI's main activity will continue to be:

  • uniting radiologists who are interested in MG and specialize in the whole issue of breast disease diagnostics
  • active involvement and control of the level of breast cancer screening in SR
  • constantly increasing the level of mammodiagnostics, monitoring the state of MG in Slovakia
  • organizing trainings, professional events
  • participation in the creation of standards and diagnostic procedures
  • organization of two continuing education events - the Mammo-Trendy International Conference and a workshop - conferences with international participation - Errors and mistakes in mammodiagnostics
  • cooperation with the Commission for quality assurance in radiology at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic
  • cooperation with the Breast Cancer Screening Commission at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic

Cooperation with partner organizations:

  • Cooperation with EUSOBI
  • Bulgarian Society for Breast Imaging (MUDr. Ivanov, PhD, FN Sofia),
  • Section for mammary diagnostics at CRS
  • SSUM


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