Welcome to the Chest Radiology Section,
In daily practice, we encounter the description of the chest on all modalities - X-ray, USG, CT and, more and more often, also MR. Many lung pathologies generate complex patterns in the lung parenchyma, which often present a challenge, especially in the interpretation of CT/HRCT of the lung. Separate chapters are chronic interstitial pneumopathy and the issue of early detection of lung cancer. By working together, we can improve the perception of the issue of thoracic radiology in our professional community and become reliable partners for related clinical fields - pulmonologists, oncologists, thoracic surgeons, rheumatologists and pediatricians. I therefore invite you to join the chest radiology section.

Professional focus of the section:

  1. Support for systematic education in the subspecialty field of thoracic radiology (equivalent to Level II+III of the European Radiology Curriculum)
  2. Establishing and managing a lung cancer screening program
  3. Education in the field of thoracic pathologies, special focus on interstitial pneumopathies
  4. Problems of chest radiology in the pediatric population
  5. Selected interventional methods in chest radiology
  6. Education for interdisciplinary cooperation within MDT


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